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Encourage Peer-To-Peer & Self-Learning

Teachers, adult, experienced teachers aren't always the only or most effective way students learn. Encourage group-based study groups, and learning and point at trustworthy and credible resources you can't cover in in-depth because of the online-offline gap. How do you encourage students and in which direction to point them in?

"Many students rely heavily on teachers; they passively attend to their studies - following lectures, copying notes, learning those notes at home and doing the homework assigned by the teacher. It's a passive process insofar students do not take any initiative outside the scheme provided by the instructor," shares Yasser, one of our contributors.

Peer-to-Peer Learning Platforms

  1. Educators can use Trello - A visual collaboration tool to make coursework planning, classroom organization available to students so that they themselves can organise and start learning without heavily relying on you. At times students & their peers just want to know what's next, give them free wind on their pace. We talked about Trello previously here.

  2. You can encourage students to work in groups, study in groups and revise in groups - either by quizzing each other, or by working on homework collectively or through the company of each other while being connected over video conferencing.

  3. Encourage your students to seek help from their seniors too. There are the C-19 Google classrooms, created by Krishna Pentayah, that offer help in case Mauritian students need further notes or explanations. It's an active community to recommend to your students.

  4. There are specific initiatives like young university Mauritian students created - such as the EdRevo WhatsApp group chats [Phy, Chem, Math, GP] - to have discussions and do vertical explorations of what students are learning.

You may also use these groups to find 1) study mates 2) coaches. You need study mates to study together. You may plan your study activities together. You can also refer to a senior to coach you, to give you feedback on your study plan, your work, and the way you're doing. You may also ask a coach to try the Socratic method on you.

Self-Learning Platforms

Yasser talks about Self-Directed Learning here. He also shares a 7-steps template that you can encourage your students to adopt which you can find on that same link.

This is where as a teacher you can participate in your students self-directed learning by curating your personal list of video explanations and free resources that your students can refer to.

Here are some examples of curated lists of resources from Yasser:




For General Paper, I honestly recommend my YouTube Video Explanations as well as my book, Step-By-Step GP Essays.

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