How do I make payment?

Transactions are made through a ‘pay and pick-up’ or by postal delivery for an additional Rs 50. Payment can be done through bank transfer, Juice, MyT Money or by cash on pick-up. Please message us on Instagram or Facebook for bank details and BEFORE effecting any payment. Once payment is effected, it is compulsory for you to share a screenshot as proof of payment.

I can’t pay by MCB Juice, MyT Money or Bank Transfer. Can I pay in cash?

Of course, you can! Apart from making your life easy with this book, we also want to ensure that the process to get it is smooth. You can pay by cash if you opt for pick-up. WhatsApp number 57 85 35 10 will coordinate the nearest possible location for delivery. Just message them.

Is there a WhatsApp number I can contact directly to discuss?

Directly call on +230 57 85 35 10 for delivery and payment purposes or schedule a call with the author via Instagram for questions related to the book.

I have made payment and sent a screenshot of proof of purchase, what next?

Pick up will be available at The Vale, Port Louis and Reduit primarily. We will coordinate with you to your nearest possible collection point. Or you can opt for postal delivery for an additional Rs 50. Those residing in the south, for example, Souillac, Mahebourg and Chamouny are encouraged to opt for postal delivery.

Is there a discount if I buy more than one copy?

If you ask nicely and tell us why and who you are getting further copies for, then why not? Hot Tip: Just message specifically on Instagram. It’s where the author is directly accessible. 😉

Can I get a referral discount?

You read our mind! We do offer you and your friends a discount when you refer the book to them. This Step-by-Step guide isn’t limited to just university students or A-level students. We have MIE Educators, 70-year-olds and MBA students contacting us time and again to grab a copy of the book. So, if you know someone in need of this book feel free to share it with them!

Can I purchase the book at a bookstore near me?

The book is now available to purchase from: 1. Friends - GLands, PLouis, RDRempart 2. AchieverZ - PVerte 3. Babylon - Flacq 4. Le Flamboyant - Rose Hill, QBornes 5. Empire - Pamplemousses So what are you waiting for? Head over these and grab yourself a copy, or two! 😉

I would like to have the book but I can’t afford it. Can I be sponsored?

Knowledge is power. And we don’t want to stop you from getting access to it. We also understand that these are trying times for everyone and lucky for you, we have an alumni network across the world. Fellow Mauritians are happy to donate a portion of the book for you. All you gotta do is hop onto Instagram and ask the author directly.

What do you need to do for it?

All you must do is write a 150-word paragraph of motivation - share some of your life ambitions. Don’t forget to include your name, age and college. We’d love to get to know you!

Delivery options

Am I able to see the book’s program overview before purchasing it?

Yes! Send us a DM through Instagram @stepbystepgpessays or Facebook and we’ll be glad to send that through to you. 😊

Can you post it to me instead of me picking it up?

Of course! We can mail it to you at an additional Rs 50 charge. Those residing in the south, for example, Souillac, Mahebourg and Chamouny are deeply encouraged to opt for postal delivery.

What do we charge Rs 50 postal fee for?

The book will be delivered to you in grey paper envelops and carefully wrapped with cling film to make sure there are to damages during delivery. The Mauritius Post Office adds its own service fee. We do not benefit in any way for this additional postal fee.

Is this book for me?

How do I know that this book will work for me?

We pride ourselves on encouraging students to study SMARTER and not harder. This book is a private collection of all the tips and tricks you need to achieve your writing goals the fun and easy way!

Message us on Instagram or Facebook to receive the Book Overview. Or discuss directly with the author as to what your needs are. Drop a message specifically addressing Pawena on Instagram @stepbystepgpessays alongside an essay of yours so that she can guide you better.

I’m weak in General Paper, will this help with my vocabulary & grammar?

What you can expect from this book is techniques to write your essay, brainstorming ideas for exam topics among other valuable tips to help you ace your paper! The only aspect of grammar and vocabulary is in our hand-picked essays by ex-laureates where we’ve done a makeover of their essays before, and after. So, if you’re looking for solely grammar and vocabulary this may not be the right fit for you!

We believe the technique to write a General paper is far more valuable than just having a good set of grammar and vocabulary. Our step-by-step guide comes packed with how to brainstorm for your exam question, and the right technique to write your essay among other valuable nuggets of wisdom from someone who was in the same situation as you years ago!

I’m not yet in HSC/Grade 12-13, is still relevant for me?

Writing is a technique that once mastered can serve you value for a lifetime!

O Level/SC/ Grade 10 & 11 do allow students to opt for argumentative essays. However, argumentative essays remain the less popular option in the face of narrative essays at that level.

Yet! If you want to get some traction in starting practice for argumentative essays, grab the book.

If that’s not what you want, when the time comes, you can always lean on us to provide you with the right steps to take. To stay in the loop, subscribe here (don’t worry we won’t spam you), and let us take care of the rest when the time comes.

Is it worth getting the book even if school is ending in only 3 months for me?

Writing is a technique that once mastered can serve you value for a lifetime! Oftentimes, it becomes difficult to balance school life with extracurricular activities and tuitions – and we totally understand that (we too were once of your age 😉). And we forget that writing is a skillset that helps not just at school level, but also during university applications, applying for a job or just writing a paper in general. This book will serve you for life. We can assure you of that.

What do we benefit from on top of the book?

If you are on Instagram, send us a picture of your book upon receipt and you’ll retain Exclusive Access to tailored and curated news stories on an almost daily basis. Most of our students uphold that the news stories are indeed helpful for them and tend to be precisely aligned to the topics they choose to write about.

*Note that we post news stories by accumulating the volume over 1-2 days and pushing them all at once.

Is there a digital version of the book?

No, there isn’t! We are only selling a physical copy available upon order. We understand that some students prefer this method. While you soak in all the content with the book in hand, we will be working on making this available digitally. Subscribe here to stay in the loop. Keep an eye out on our Instagram for latest updates


Book Contents

Does your book come with sample essays like Redspot?

Redspot contains more than 100 General Paper Essays based on past examinations questions. The essays have been arranged in a topical manner for easier reference. Each essay is presented with an Approach and a Comment. Our book teaches you how to write essays like those. The central focus of the book is not the sample essays provided. It is more about the techniques. We are against model essays – actively so! We do provide a couple of sample essays from high-ranking students. And have a before and after essay makeover. That's just because we are centred on the process rather than a spoon-fed end result.

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