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Mauritian Educator Online Teaching Resources

Teaching Online is not easy. 

As teachers, we ourselves aren't aware of what resources we need.

I have worked in various global environment as a tutor, in Singapore, Dubai, France and Australia, and having been a student myself in Mauritius I can talk to the various simple and free resources that can be provided to educators - especially at a secondary school level in Mauritius.

I am Pawena, 24-years-old. I am currently in Sydney, Australia.  I published a textbook for a Step-by-Step GP Essay writing approach for students last year as a response to Covid-19 in Mauritius.

My credentials do not have any pedagogical trained connections except for the fact that I am fully immersed in teaching teenagers at a very hands-on capacity.

A strain is being put on teachers, exhausted by the lack of support from a system that isn't equipped to help dynamically.

I have curated a list of online tools that should help you acquire the same success I have with my teenagers. All links you'll need is on this page - just a click away.

Disclaimer: None of them are hard to use. They are highly intuitive and friendly. Just ask for one of your students itself for help. Teachers do not have to be know-it-alls. Teenagers specially see when you are struggling and they would be more than happy themselves to help you.

They are all split in 4 categories as you can see on the right.

Happy Upskilling.




P.S. Watch how I conducted my classes using collaborative tools and a highly interactive attitude here.

Massive Shout Out to Yasser Lalmahomed, Ryan Basava Reddi for their resources that fed into the list.

Mental Health for Students & Educators

Before you scoff and skip this one, just have an honest conversation with yourself - do you really not need mental health support? Now that you have acknowledged you indeed struggle with your sanity when you try to be more tech-savvy in vain and bridge the gap with your students, hop in and make avail of these mental health tricks I curated for Mauritian educators here.


Online Student Attention Retention Tactics

Yeah, it's so filthy hard to keep the attention span of Gen Zs. They compete with goldfishes at times in that regard - which is exactly why you can be smarter than them at this one. One sure way to do that is through Online Collaborative Tools and a Reward-Based System through quizzes.​ Find a whole list here.


Online Presentation Skills Upskilling

Let's not be delusional about our offline or online presentation skills. Your pace. The right amount of information fed to the student. Receiving feedback that you are indeed delivering well as a teacher. They are all ingredients to success.  Follow this 3-Checklist model here to better present classes online.


Encourage Peer-To-Peer & Self-Learning 

Teachers, adult, experienced teachers aren't always the only or most effective way students learn. Encourage group-based study groups, and learning and point at trustworthy and credible resources you can't cover in in-depth because of the online-offline gap. How do you encourage students and in which direction to point them in? Find out here.


Let's Work Together

Stay connected with me on Facebook & Instagram @stepbystepgpessays.  There are more ways we can help each other with instead of waiting for resources to fall from the skies and help us. Write to me on

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